Slover Library Dutch Dialogues Booklist

Slover Library, the host of Norfolk’s Dutch Dialogues: Life at Sea Level workshops has created a specialized book list – just for us! The list features recent books, websites, and online documents related to integrated water management, sea level rise and land subsidence in the region and related to previous Dutch Dialogues; as well as:… Read more »

Dutch Dialogues Virginia: Life at Sea Level

Dutch Dialogues Virginia: Life at Sea Level Scheduled for June 19 to 23 at Slover Library Experts to Share Experiences and Solutions for Life at Sea Level Contact: Lori Crouch, (757) 646-5381 Robin McCormick, (757) 728-3276 NORFOLK, Va.  ̶  (June 2015)  ̶  Dutch Dialogues Virginia: Life at Sea Level will bring experts on urban water… Read more »

Dutch experts to talk about living with water in Norfolk

The Dutch have a saying: “From Resistance, to Accommodation.” That is exactly the sentiment behind the upcoming “Dutch Dialogues: Life at Sea Level” event to be hosted in Hampton Roads this summer. First conducted in 2012 in New Orleans after Hurricane Sandy, the goal of the Dutch Dialogues movement is to discuss, debate and discover… Read more »

Hampton Roads Dutch Dialogue Background Information

The Netherlands and the United States of America have taken their long-term relationship to the next level this year, with the advent of the Dutch Dialogues initiative. With a common objective, resources have merged and discussions have been instigated. Working together, we are already closer to a solution. Read the full article Here.